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How Is Welded Steel Pipe Invented?

The time of issue:2014-5-14 14:56:19       Author:

Welded steel pipe consists of steel sheet or strip after curling the steel pipe. Its production process is simple and it has the following advantages: high manufacturing efficiency, various specifications and less equipment investment. What's more, its general strength is lower than that of the seamless tube.

Since the 1930 s, with the rapid progress of soldering and checking technology, weld quality gets improved gradually and there exists various specifications of welded steel pipe. Besides, it gradually replaces the seamless steel tube in more and more fields.

According to the form of welded seam, welded steel pipe can be divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe. According to the production method, it can be classified into arc welding pipe, electric resistance welding tube (ERW), gas tube (high frequency and low frequency), and furnace welding pipe. Straight seam welded pipe production process and applied technology are simple. It has these advantages: high production efficiency, low cost. Therefore, it has developed rapidly. The spiral welded pipe has more advantages than straight seam welded pipe in terms of strength. It can manufacture welded pipes with a bigger diameter through taking advantage of narrow billets. However, compared to the straight seam pipe with the same length, weld length of the spiral welded pipe increases by 30 ~ 100% and it has relatively lower production speed. Welded pipe with relatively small diameter will adopts straight seam welding while large diameter welded pipe chooses spiral welded. On the basis of both ends of shape of steel pipe, it can be classified into circular welded pipe and alien welded pipe. According to the material and different purposes, it can also be classified into mine welded steel pipes for liquid delivery, low pressure fluid conveying with galvanized welded steel pipe, belt conveyor roller welded steel pipe, etc. According to the size table of the current national standard, it can be sorted by diameter * wall thickness from small to large order.

The contents mentioned above briefly introduce how the welded steel pipe invents in chronological order and its basic classifications. The following part will tell something about the product standards. Commonly used materials for welded steel pipe are: Q235A, Q235C, Q235B、16Mn、20#、Q345、L245、L290、X42、X46、X60、X80、0Cr13、1Cr17、00Cr19Ni11、1Cr18Ni9、0Cr18Ni11Nb and so on. Anyway, all these contents give a clear introduction about welded steel pipe inventing and I hope it can help to solve the confusion about this industry.


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