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How to Identify Seamless Steel Pipe Material

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Steel is essential for national development and achieve the four modernizations of key materials, widely used variety, according to the different cross-sectional shape of the steel is generally divided into sections, sheet, pipe and metal products four categories, in order to facilitate the organization of production of steel, ordering supplies and improve management work, divided into heavy rail, light rail, heavy sections, medium steel, small steel, steel cold-formed steel, quality steel, wire, thick steel plate, sheet steel, electrical steel sheet, strip , seamless steel, black steel pipe, metal products and other varieties. Steel is a steel carbon content between 0.04% -2.3 percent of the iron-carbon alloys. In order to ensure its toughness and ductility, the carbon content less than 1.7%. The main elements of steel iron, carbon, there are silicon, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus. Steel classification method of various steel products variety, the main method has the following five:

1, classified according to the quality of steel: (1) ordinary steel (P ≤ 0.045%, S ≤ 0.050%); (2) gifted steel (P, S are ≤ 0.035%); (3) High quality steel (P ≤ 0.035%, S ≤ 0.030%)

2, classified according to chemical composition: (1) Carbon steel : a low carbon steel (C ≤ 0.25%); b carbon steel (C ≤ 0.25 ~ 0.60%); c high carbon (C ≤ 0.60%).... (2) Alloy: a low-alloy steel (the total content of alloying elements ≤ 5%); b of the alloy (the total content of alloying elements > 5 ~ 10%); c high-alloy steel (the total content of alloying elements > 10 %).

3, the steel by forming method of classification : (1) Forged ; (2) Steel ; (3) Hot-rolled steel ; (4) Cold-drawn steel.

4, classified by purpose: (1) Construction and engineering steel: a common carbon structural steel; b low alloy steel; c reinforced steel... (2) Steel structural steel: a. machinery manufacturing steel : (a) quenched and tempered structural steel ; (b) surface hardening steel : including hardened steel , ammonia seepage steel, surface hardening of steel ; (c) easy to cut structural steel ; (d) cold plastic forming steel: including cold stamping steel , cold heading steel; b. spring steel; c. bearing steel. (3) Tool steel: a carbon tool steel; b alloy tool steel; c speed tool steel. (4) Special properties of steel : a stainless steel acid ; b resistant steel : including antioxidant steel, heat resistant steel , valve steel ; c electro thermal alloy steel ; d wear-resistant steel ; e cryogenic steel... ;. f electrical steel. (5) Professional steel - such as bridge steel , shipbuilding steel, boiler steel, pressure vessel steel , steel and other farm machinery.

5, a comprehensive classification: (1) Ordinary steel: a. carbon steel : (a) Q195; (b) Q215 (A, B); (c) Q235 (A, B, C); (d) Q255 (A, B); (e) Q275; b. low-alloy structural steel; c. ordinary structural steel for a particular purpose. (2) High quality steel (including high quality steel): a. steel structural steel : (a) high-quality carbon structural steel ; (b) alloy structural steel ; (c) spring steel ; (d) cutting steel ; (e) bearing steel ; (f) the specific purpose of quality structural steel; b. tool steel: (a) carbon tool steel; (b) alloy tool steel; (c) high-speed tool steel; c. steel special properties : (a) acid-resistant stainless steel ; (b) heat-resistant steel ; (c) heating alloy steel ; (d) electrical steel ; (e) high manganese wear-resistant steel.


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