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Species on Seamless Steel Pipe

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Divided according to their method of manufacturing seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe in two. Seamless steel pipe with high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel, hot-rolled, cold-rolled (pull) of the points. Welded steel is rolled into a tube-shaped plate with the seam or spiral seam welded, in the manufacturing method, is divided into low pressure fluid welded pipe, spiral welded steel pipe, directly welded steel pipe, welded pipe. Seamless steel pipe can be used for a variety of liquids, gas pipelines. Welded pipes can be used for water pipes, gas pipes, heating pipes.

Welded steel pipes including: A low pressure liquid delivery welded steel pipe welded steel pipe and galvanized
Low pressure fluid welded steel pipe is made of carbon mild steel , pipeline project is one of the most commonly used small diameter pipes for conveying water, gas , steam and other media, according to the different surface quality , divided plated zinc tubes ( commonly known as galvanized iron pipe ) and non- galvanized pipe ( commonly known as black iron pipe ) . Inner and outer walls coated with a protective layer of zinc than non- galvanized heavy about 3% -6%. According to the pipe wall thickness of different can be divided into: thin wall pipe, the common pipe and thickening. Thin-walled tube is not appropriate for the transmission medium can be used as a casing.

2 straight seams welded steel pipe rolling
Roll straight seam welded steel pipe , welded steel pipe and field can be divided into sub- blocks rolled steel plate welded straight seam welded steel pipe. Several wall thicknesses can be made.

3 spirals welded steel pipe
Spiral welded steel pipe is divided into two kinds of automatic submerged arc welding and high frequency welded steel pipe.

a. spiral seam steel by automatic submerged arc welding of high and low pressure transmission medium is divided into Group A and Group B pipe tube categories. CPI general use ordinary carbon steel pipe Q235, Q235F and ordinary low- alloy structural steel welded 16Mn , B pipe with Q235, Q235F, Q195 and other steel welding system for low- pressure fluid delivery tubing
b. spiral seam high frequency welded steel pipe spiral seam high frequency welded steel pipe , still not uniform product standards, commonly used in steel manufacturing ordinary carbon steel Q235, Q235F so on.

Steel tube: Seamless API steel pipe and tube manufacturing methods are divided into hot-rolled cold drawn (rolled) pipe. Greatest common cold drawn (rolled) pipe nominal diameter of 200mm, the largest hot-rolled tubes nominal diameter of 600 mm. In the pipeline project, when the diameter of more than 57mm, often used in hot-rolled tube diameter less than 57mm common cold drawn (rolled) pipe. Seamless pipe work used the following three:

1. A generally seamless
General seamless steel tube or API steel tube, using ordinary carbon steel, quality carbon steel, low alloy steel and alloy steel manufacturing, used for conveying liquid pipe or production structure, parts made with Seamless steel pipe diameter and wall thickness available in a variety of wall thickness under the same outside diameter, the larger the pressure range.

2. Low-pressure boiler seamless steel pipe
Low and medium pressure boiler seamless steel pipe is the 10th, the 20th-quality carbon steel, temperature.


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