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Information About the Seamless Steel Pipe Fittings

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Generally speaking, the entire pipeline, in addition to various parts of straight API steel pipe fittings can be referred to. But the habit, we will elbow, tee, head, pipe caps and various fittings diameter pipe called, respectively, while the call flanges, valves, expansion joints, pipe supports and so on.

The following major subdivision on the tube: (1) Based on the straight pipe welding pipe welding with different fittings can be divided into two categories: pipe socket (SW) and thread (TH) class, butt categories (BW) elbow, tee, head cap elbows, tees, reducers, pipe caps, various fittings (by the order, single wire, double wire, etc.) (2) According to whether the surface with weld pipe fittings, pipe fittings can be divided into a seam and seamless pipe pieces into two categories, GB12459-90 standard is seamless pipe fittings, GB/T13401-92 seam pipe is standard. The so-called tube logo, which is a certain kind of welded steel pipe fittings varieties, to know which parameters can be uniquely, identified characteristics of these pipe fittings.

Generally speaking, must know the following parameters: (1) Category (elbow angle should know, bend radius; size head even know concentric or eccentric) (2) Material (3) Diameter size and material control (when expressed in nominal diameter, must be confirmed metric, inch), (4) Pipe wall thickness or label. (5) Standard number (sometimes after a standard number plus A or B indicates piping as English or Metric)

Tube is the most common, there are four criteria: (1) GB12459-90 national standard seamless pipe fittings (seamless) (2) GB/T13401-92 national standards weld pipe fittings (joints), (3) ANSI B16.9 standard pipe fittings (seamed or seamless) (4) ANSI B16.11 socket and threaded fittings standard (American Standard)

Sometimes the following criteria will be used :API 5L X46 American Standard API seamless steel pipe Standard .HG514-87 Ministry of Chemical Industry standard pipe fittings Sinopec SHJ408-90 standard JIS B2311, JIS B2312, JIS B2316, Japan as well as the German DIN standard fittings standards and so on. For the convenience of design and writing often use letters to represent the relevant content.

Now some of the common code summary is as follows: Some common code will now be summarized as follows: E (S) - Elbow (s) - short radius elbows, E (L) - Elbow (l) - long radius elbows, RC - Conc. reducer-- Concentric, RE - Ecc . reducer - eccentric head, TR - Tee (R) - Reducing Tee, TC - Tee (C) – tee, C - Cap - cap, Union - Union - by the order, union, Coupling - Coupling - test Belem, beam connection, Half coupling - Half coupling - half test Belen, Plug - plug - plug, Bushing - Bushing - servant Sheen, inside and outside the wire.


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