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Analysis of Seamless Steel Pipe Specifications

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With the increase in the form of specifications, seamless applications are increasingly widespread, people seamless steel pipe specifications gradually deepening understanding. In general, the diameter of the tube can be divided into diameter, diameter, and nominal diameter. Seamless steel pipe as the outer diameter of the pipe is represented by the letter D followed by additional outer diameter size and thickness , for example, an outer diameter of 108 seamless steel pipe, wall thickness 5MM, D108 * 5 with said plastic tube also with an outer diameter of said that if De63, others such as reinforced concrete pipe , cast iron pipe , galvanized steel pipe using DN said that in general the use of the design drawings to represent the nominal diameter , nominal diameter in order to facilitate the design, manufacturing and maintenance requirements artificially a standard , are more nominal diameter , is a tube ( or pipe ) specification name.

Nominal diameter of the tube and its diameter, outside diameter not equal , for example: nominal diameter seamless steel pipe Post 100MM 102 * 5 , 108 * 5 and several, 108 for the pipe diameter, wall thickness of the pipe 5 shows Therefore, the inner diameter of the pipe is (108 * 5 -5) = 98MM, but it is not exactly equal to twice the wall thickness of the pipe diameter minus the difference , it can be said , is close to the nominal diameter of the inner diameter , but not equal to the inside diameter a pipe diameter specification name in the design drawings so use nominal diameter, the purpose is to be determined according to the nominal diameter of the pipe , fittings , valves , flanges, gaskets and other structural dimensions and connecting dimensions, nominal diameter DN using symbols said that , if the outer diameter of the design drawings , said it should be made pipe specifications comparison table shows that the public some pipes nominal diameter, wall thickness.

We are accustomed to using the DN to label black steel pipe, rarely used in the case of De not related to the pipeline wall thickness to label; however labeled plastic tube and again is another matter; still with industry habits, the actual construction process we briefly address the 20, 25, 32 and other pipes are means De, and not to the DN

Pressure pipeline design and construction, the first thing to consider and choose standard series pressure piping components. Standard system although many applications around the world, can be roughly divided into two categories, standard and pressure pipe flange standards.


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