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Welded Steel Pipe, Your Wise Choice

The time of issue:2014-5-3 10:50:04       Author:

Future for welded steel pipe is bright because from available records, a large number of steel pipes installed more than 100 years ago are still in service. Those abandoned or relaced was mainly due to its undesirable size instead of its quality after so many years' external corrosion and internal abrasion. Also, in the 21st century, a worldwide demand for cost-efficient steel pipe will be on the rise. People stop using short-life pipes because they see the defects of changing frequently.

Manufacturers design and manufacture welded steel pipe to meet or exceed the qualifications of the existing AWWA and ASTM standards with the many physical and mechanical performances. The length of spiral welded steel pipe should be through 144" (3600 mm), according to the requirements of AWWA C200, ASTM A139, and ASTM A252. The wall thicknesses of welded steel pipe should be through 1". The allowable yield strengths are up to 70,000 psi. Also, the joints which connect two steel pipes should be paid attention to. The joint lengths are up to 55' (nominal) for AWWA C200 and ASTM A139 while the lengths are up to 80' for ASTM A252. The welded steel pipe can mainly be applied to water and sewer service.

Reliability includes the probability of unexpected pressure as well as some displacements such as: water hammer, vibrations in traffic, fluid flow and earth tremors, flood, and soil movement(wash-out, differential settlement, sidehill soil slip, earthquakes, etc.). What's more, the situation may not be a simple one, but the combination of several tough situations. The analysis of the risk would be requested. Because of the toughness, this kind of steel pipe is easy to deform than less flexible materials.

The final total expenses of welded steel pipe includes: pipe fee, embedment, transportation, installation, operation, maintenance, repair, modification and risk analysis. Tranferring steel pipe with a large diameter is more cost-effective compared with other models because of its thin wall and light weight.(Requirements for blocks and stulls take up little.) Installing welded steel pipe can be speeded by light weight. Long pipe sections lessen the number of welds (or the number of bell and spigot joints that must be gasketed and stabbed). In the event of damage, steel pipe can often be repaired on site. In the event of a massive soil wash-out, welded steel pipe sections tend to hold together and minimize the disaster caused by a break in a pipeline. To put it in a nutshell, the welded steel pipe has been tested and proved by the practice of history. So it is a perfect choice if you want to apply it to the water, wastewater, hydropower industries because it is reliable while cost-effective.


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