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How to Install Black Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-4-29 12:28:03       Author:

Black steel pipe, a long, continuous pipe with many advantages, is required for delivering natural gas because of the way it is made. Some steps seem necessary. When building or remodeling your home, most plumbing in modern houses is done with copper or PVC pipe. But when it comes to natural gas lines, in many parts of the country, regulations are mandated that residential natural gas distribution should be carried by black steel pipe, so you need to check the local code enforcement before you are going to repair or install new pipes. Since black steel pipe installation may become a unavoidable part of our daily life, it's of use to know how to install the black pipe. Next are the few steps you need to follow.

Firstly, calculate carefully. How to get the exact length of black steel pipe is the toughest part of changing black pipe. Spread out the ways your gas system so that you can see it clearly and measure them carefully. Then list the fitting tools you need like screws and pipe joint compound. Do your utmost to calculate the pipe lengths you will need to complete the job because if your measurement comes up a few inches short or long, you may have to do the cutting and threading by your own to make the size for you. Most home improvement centers sell black steel pipe in 10-foot sections. Larger stores usually sell shorter joints from two to six feet and nipples in varying sizes between two and eighteen inches. Without expensive professional tools, cutting and threading pipes is too difficult and troublesome to be practical on most DIY projects.

Secondly, connect pipes. NPT (National Pipe Taper) is used on both ends of the pipe. To put it in a simple way, this can make the both ends of the pipe thicker and stronger so that when the pipes are connected, they will not move away from each other easily, thus preventing the risk of leaking. Also, you need screws to fasten the pipes, but do not over-tighten the fittings.Do not use plumber's tape for gas joints. Tighten the fittings by your own hands. It is suggested that you use two large pipe wrenches in no more than two turns so that it can save your strength ad reach the perfect effect at the same time. Also so as to make the joint tight, pipe dope is necessary to cover the threaded end.

Thirdly, install the pipe. First and foremost, cut the gas supply. You need to begin installing the pipe at the supply line. Work your way bit by bit to the end point one fitting at a time. Unless you are using a dope to join two lines, all your joints will have to be assembled in sequence. As you proceed, remember to install supports for the black steel pipe. Pay attention that perforated plastic has taken the place of metal strapping in recent years. Last but not least, check for leaks.

After you have finished calculating the length, joining your pipes and installing the pipe, you may begin to install the shut-off valve for the appliance. Turn off the appliance valve and turn on the gas supply to check whether there is a leak. You'll use a spray bottle with soapy water. Put the bottle near each of the joints of the pipe in sequence. Spray your pipe joints one at a time with the soap solution and look for leaks. If a joint produces bubbles, shut off the gas supply and fix the leak at once.


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