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Black Steel Pipe With a Black Outside and a Strong Inside

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Black steel pipe is made of a specific material- black iron. Black iron, also called the black steel, is a kind of uncoated steel. Because the black steel doesn't have natural cover on itself, it is easy to rust and corrode when heated. So before the process of forging, the factory will coat the black steel with protective oil so that the material can keep its original appearance. Also due to this characteristic, when black steel pipe is forged, a black oxide scale appears on its surface to show that the steel is ready for use, which becomes a main exterior feature of this type of black steel pipe. Although the raw material is easy to corrode, after it has forged into the pipes and tubes, it will hardly rust within a long time and require little and easy maintenance.

Because the advantage of the material, the black steel pipe is sold in standard 21-foot lengths TBE. The usages of black steel pipe are wide. The black steel pipe can be applied for common uses in the areas of water, gas, air and steam. What to mention is that black steel tubes and pipes play an essential role in the distribution of gas inside and outside the house and in hot water circulation in boiler systems. This kind of usage is closely related to our daily life, thus importance are attached to it. Furthermore, black steel pipe is also used for line pipes in oil and petroleum industries, for water wells and for water, gas and sewage purposes. But it also has exclusions. Black steel pipe can not be used for potable water or for drain waste or vent lines.

To fit the real use, black steel pipes and tubes need to be cut and threaded, which is a special technique. Small diameter pipe can be threaded. So, black malleable (soft) cast iron are needed to use as fittings for such kind of technique of black steel pipe. Before connection, the factory has to put a small number of pipe dope, a kind of thick paste, to the threads. Then they join them together by fastening both parts with screws. Differently, another technique is that black steel pipes with a larger diameter are welded instead of being cut and threaded.

They are heated to be fractions in the first place and then pressed together. Although the standards and material grades differ in countries, the dimensions and sizes are mainly the same. The out diameter of black steel pipe ranges from 8.7mm to 720mm. The wall thickness of black steel pipe ranges from 0.75mm to 120mm. The length of black steel pipe ranges from 4m to 12m. The black steel pipe is usually protected by plastic caps and wooden cases.


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