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API Steel Pipe Specification Changes

The time of issue:2014-4-28 17:17:43       Author:

API steel pipe belongs to the U.S. oil pipeline standard, its main role is through its own technology to extract resources from the ground effectively, and then transported to the needs of industrial enterprises. The first American Petroleum Institute standard "pipe norms" since the 1920s released by constantly revised and improved, until January 2000, has accumulated released version 42.This version of the specification of the API steel pipe has two criteria, namely PLS1 and PLS2. Compared to PLS1, PLS2 is high-grade steel pipe. PSL2 steel production needs necessary technology, equipment and appropriate means of detection, which makes some of the steel pipe manufacturing plant increase or supply the appropriate technology and testing equipment, as well as the personnel, and increase the quality of the recording workload. As a result, businessmen will be risky. And eventually, it is likely to lead investment increased, but output decreased.

March 2000, SPI steel pipe specification released the version 43.Compared with the Version 42, in version 43, the change accounts for the part of the length of the full text of the 1/5. The revised version 43 makes some improvements in terms of inspection, so as to be more closely with international standards and practical. Meanwhile, it is more convenient for pipe plants to achieve better communication with customers.

On October 1, 2007, the American Petroleum Institute released API steel pipe specification Version 44. Version 44 is composed of nearly 170 pages and more than 20 million words. The version clearly states the use of generic API steel pipe requirements. The principal changes are that a reference to the standard, terms and definitions, the purchaser information and so on. This book not only has a great change, but also involves a wide range. Related units, especially manufacturers should carefully have comprehensive understanding and analysis in advance.

API steel pipe specification which is widely used in the petroleum and natural gas pipe transportation, testing and use is an important basic standard in the world. In December 2012, API steel pipe specification released Version 45.Although the structure has not changed much, the content has bigger changes which are more widely involved, especially in the quality of steel pipe production, inspection frequency, and process assessment of PSL2 steel pipe manufacturing and other aspects of relative parts. API steel pipe specification as a duct in the field of core standards, its latest change has a significant impact on China's oil and gas industry. Learning the latest standards and the research focus, can provide a reference for the staff of API steel pipe research. With the deepening of the international standardization work, China must focus on innovation in order to achieve an international breakthrough, and contribute to improve the API steel pipe specification.


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