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Sales and Transportation of the Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-4-28 17:16:38       Author:

As you know, a lot of welded steel pipes are cylindrical, but there are a small part of welded steel pipe is square. Since these welded steel pipes are made of heavy steels or steel into blocks, thus causing welded steel pipes heavy weight and causing a lot of problems on transportation issues. Nowadays, we are generally more concerned about heavy industry, because it contains a lot of opportunities and benefits. Thus, for many businessmen consider welded steel business into one of their choices. Machinery manufacturing welded steel contribution is very large, and it can also be used as a natural gas pipeline, water and power grids.

Many industries need welded steel pipes, so compared to other industrial materials, and welded steel pipes account for a large portion of sales. Moreover, due to the importance and development of our country in the technology of welded steel pipes, our sales market is not only China, but worldwide. We ever have had a special report on a large welded steel factory, in which the most profound impression is that he says we have various kinds of welded steel pipes. In order to meet the enormous needs of the market, these manufacturers will promptly do technical exchanges with each other, and, thus they are able to be faster to produce high quality welded steel pipe to meet the needs of various industries.

High level of sales means that businessmen can earn more profit. However, there has been a problem——transportation which makes businessmen feels troublesome in the welded steel pipe industry. In general, welded steel pipes are very long and heavy. So many factories in the production of them, at the same time, also should buy specialized equipment that is used to carry them. When these welded steel pipes from the plant to be sold elsewhere, there are two general taken ways that are trucking and ship transport.

Here, let we mainly talk about the trucking transportation. It is not difficult to find that, in our country, many roads have suffered cracks and even depression phenomenon. The reason is primarily due to business people. In order to gain more interests, they make welded steel transport truck overweight. In order to avoid police road check weighing, these trucks will choose driving at night. In fact, such behavior is not only a great damage to the road, but for truck drivers, it is also a very risky driving behavior. On this point, many businesses need to think twice about the safety of drivers. With the increasing welded steel pipe technology, we hope that more manufacturers can provide high-quality welded steel pipes for domestic and foreign markets. Meanwhile, we also hope that with massive sales of welded pipes, transport quality and safety can be more perfect and provide more protection guarantee.


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