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The Knowledge of Seamless Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-4-23 9:53:08       Author:

There are a lot of people know that the seamless steel pipe is strip steel with hollow section and without a lot of surrounding joints. Because it has hollow section, it is widely used as the pipeline conveying fluid, such as oil, natural gas, coal gas, water and as the pipeline conveying some solid materials. In comparison with sound seamless API steel pipe, this type of as circular steel and so on, seamless steel pipe is lighter though they have the exact flexural tensional power. It is a type of financial area steel and is broadly employed in the create of structural elements and mechanized elements, this type of as essential oil pipe, auto transmission shaft, bike frame, steel scaffold in building and so on. Production annular elements with seamless steel pipe can enhance the utilization ratio of substance, simplify the manufacturing procedure, conserve substance and functioning several hours, this type of as rolling bearing ring, jack and so on are now broadly use seamless steel pipe.

Seamless steel pipes are also the indispensable substances for all types of traditional weapons, this type of as barrel and so on. In accordance to the numerous shapes of region, seamless steel pipe can be divided into pipe and fitting. Due to the fact reduced the identical circumference disorders, the circular has larger region, so the pipe can convey much more fluid. In inclusion, subjected to inner or exterior radial pressure, the round area's pressure is uniform; consequently, most of the steel pipe is circular pipe. Nonetheless, the pipe also has some limits, this type of as by plane bending disorders, the rectangular and rectangular pipe have far better anti- bending power, so some farm skeleton and steel wooden furnishings usually use rectangular and rectangular pipe. In accordance to the numerous utilizes we also require other specific-shaped steel.

1. The transform with seamless API steel pipe (GB/t8162-1999) is employed for seamless steel pipe for standard transform and mechanical structure.

2. Fluid with seamless steel pipe (GB/t8163-1999) is standardly employed for seamless pipes conveying water, essential oil, fuel and other fluid

3. The seamless API steel pipe for reduced and medium pressure boiler (gb3087-1999) is employed in the manufacturing of manufacturing of reduced and method stress oiler superheated steam pipe, superheated steam pipe, water pipe and locomotive oiler flue, little pipe and brick arch tubes of higher-good quality carbon structural steel warm-rolled and chilly-drawn seamless steel pipe (rolling).

4. The high-stress boiler seamless steel pipe (gb5310-1995) is employed for heating surface area pipe boiler manufacturing higher and higher stress of higher good quality carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel seamless steel pipe.

5. The high-stress seamless steel pipe for substance fertilizer gear (gb6479-86) is appropriate for the perform temperatures of higher good quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel seamless steel tube -40~400 ℃, functioning stress for substance gear and pipeline of 10~30ma.

6. The seamless API steel pipe for petroleum cracking (gb9948-88) is the seamless steel pipe employed in essential oil refinery furnace tube, heat exchangers and pipe.

7. Geological drilling with steel pipe (yb235-70) is employed for geological division's root drilling, according to utilizes which can be divided into the drill pipe, drill training collar, root pipe and casing and sedimentation tubes.


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