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API Steel Pipe Application and Physical Features

The time of issue:2014-4-18 10:44:42       Author:

Every pipe has its own specific application boundary and physical characteristic. Identically, API steel pipe features are different from others pipes in the physical and applications regards. As you may know, that API represents American Petroleum Institute which manufactures the most prevalent original stuff in America. API is the most reasonable standard all over the world, since this association has some essential functions like the legal profession and negotiation ability. Now, API standard are used in lots of organizations and domestic companies.

But this institute also provide other materials as well, such as the ASTM and ASME. But out of an array of these various pipes, API material is more popular in this market, because its application scope is wide and we can comply it in lots of ways normally. Various types and modules can be found in the department store or e-commerce shop, then you should choose the sensible and appropriate pipes for your project. The pipes are made to meet the established specification; as a consequence, they can provide high and robust quality can resist the harsh weather and extreme condition.

Not only the API steel pipes are in robust trait, but also we can see that other steel pipes are resisting rust and aging. But the API tubes can be used in liquid transporting, mechanical processing and even for the constructing use. Commonly, its physical feature is fascinated, since it can resist oil and 3PE. Length and specification are varied according to your requirement and needs. What's more, it can be used in the weather like low temperatures, but for the welded and seamless pipes, it is kind of difficult. API steel pipe can be made into welded pipe through welding. Electric Resistance Welding is one of the most widely used ways to weld pipe.

All pipes have to be test for their microstructure, such as tensile test and external shock test. Those electric tests should be made go according to their specific needs. We all know that because of the steel features, this pipes are more durable and longtime usage. As the development of modern technology, materials are more protective in specific situation, such as the inner water and extreme weather. Nowadays, API pipes can be used for more than 30 years. API steel pipes with different requirements need different types of quenching and tempering to adjust their hardness because the heat-treating can change the pipe's microstructure and therefore provide different strengths and characteristics.

When you have decided on buying API types, you can go to the online shop where more prices and brands are provided for your choice. Manufacturers and suppliers are the first point that you should think of before making decision. Therefore, you would better select a reliable supplier on buying API pipes. Learn the basic knowledge of API steel pipe can help you find pipes with high quality and competitive price. Now, it is your turn to make up your mind on purchasing API steel pipes.


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