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Details of the Processing of API Steel Pipe

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API steel pipes become well known to their high quality and they can be applied to different purposes. Their manufacturing process is under precise standard. API steel pipes have various form and they are especially popular in petroleum and gas industry. Do you know how to make API steel pipe? The production process of API steel pipe is a little more complex on account of its high quality. Select certain kind of steel and cast them into a workable form and then stretch them into seamless pipe. API steel pipe can be made into welded pipe through welding. Electric Resistance Welding is one of the most widely used ways to weld pipe. Through fusing the steel together, the seam can be welded. There are many different suppliers producing API steel pipe, and many of them have improved their production process of API steel pipe and offer high standard steel pipe to gain competitiveness. Before being put into the market, the API steel pipe need to pass the quality test to make sure that there is no leaks and a good ability to resist rust and corrosion. As the technology and equipment keeps advancing, the quality of steel pipe has been promoted to a higher level.

With solid steel rounds or steel billets, you can begin to produce API steel pipe. Steel pipes can be cut into different length according to the different usages. Send the steel into a furnace of 2,300 degrees Celsius and then put them into the melting round. Within ten seconds, the steel can be turned into tube round. A cutting-edge hot-wall measuring system can test the size and the thickness of the tube. After the above process, put the tube into the mandrel mill to reheat for final modeling, you can adjust the diameter of the pipe according the specific requirement. Then use the hot-wall measuring system again to monitor the wall thickness. After rotating and cooling, the pipes can be cut in batches. API steel pipes with different requirements need different types of quenching and tempering to adjust their hardness because the heat treating can change the pipe's micro-structure and therefore provide different strengths and characteristics.

Different grades of hot treating will result in different rigidity and tensile strength and consequently the steel pipes can be used for different purpose. After the pipes cool, the API steel pipe can go to the final process. Bevel the pipe and undergo eddy current testing. Use electromagnetic inspection to detect flaws such as length and surface. Then the pipes need to go through the ultrasonic testing to check the wall thickness.

Since the steels are much more complicated than iron and other metals, producing high quality steel pipe require a more precise control. Nowadays, high-end skills are applied to control the production. There are precise regulation and real time supervisory control in every step during the process to guarantee the quality. Some major companies have established a quality management system to make the API steel pipe up to the requirement. They are willing to invest capital and time to make sure the quality and standard of the pipes.


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