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Things You Need to Know Before Buying API Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-4-16 10:14:18       Author:

Do you know API steel pile? Before talking about the basic knowledge of API steel pipe, we need to learn about what API means. API stands for American Petroleum Institute which is the largest trade association with high quality products. It has a sequence of standard about the quality of gas and oil equipment. From the year 1969, the API has governed the construction of steel pipe in America. API Spec 2B specifies the manufacture of structural steel pipe such as pipe diameters, wall thickness, etc. API represents over four hundred companies in oil industry such as production, refinement and distribution. The standard of API makes sure a high quality of the manufacturing process. API Spec 2B revised five times, it stipulates at least 14-inch outside diameter of each steel pipe and 3/8 inch of the wall thickness. API RP 1110 also stipulates the manufacture of steel pipes such as pressure test in specialized machine or transportation.

Now let's learn about what is API steel pipe. We can easily know from the literal meaning that API steel pipe is pipe used for gas or oil transportation with high quality. Since the materials being carried are usually flammable and dangerous, the carrier has to be tested before put into use. Engineer will abandon those unqualified pipes and make sure the quality of pipes is up to the standard. Within the specified standard, API steel pipes are varied in size, length and thickness to meet different purpose. They are reliable and stable in transporting gas and oil and therefore API steel pipes are very popular especially in petroleum industry. The pipes are made to meet the established specification; as a consequence, they can provide high and robust quality can resist the harsh weather and extreme condition. As the technology keeps developing, the quality is still enhancing.

In consideration of the excellent performance of API steel pipe, it is inexpensive. And there is a price comparison system; you can refer to the overall price before buying. You can buy from physical suppliers or you can choose to buy online. Most of the suppliers offer accessorial service such as cutting, threading, beveling, coating, etc. Many suppliers open online shop with lower price and some even with a website which provide you with detailed description and specification. In a general way, suppliers with exclusive website are usually more qualified.

After you buy the desirable API steel pipes, do not just leave them aside. For better use, you need to store them correctly. Fixed them on a foundation to prevent them fall down. For example, wood pieces to keep them off the ground. Apart from safety, security respect is also important. Gather the pipes together or tie as a bundle to form a block can prevent being stolen and make it easier to transmit. Notice that the pipes put together should have the same size and the strapping used must be strong to withstand the heavy pipes otherwise can injure people around. There are pipe suppliers every corner of the world, API steel pipes can be found easily at home and abroad. Learn the basic knowledge of API steel pipe can help you find pipes with high quality and competitive price.


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