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Weld Steel Pipe to Stainless Black Steel Pipe

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The standard welding processes TIG, MIG, and stick are all capable of welding stainless black steel pipe to stainless steel pipe. Common carbon e-school welding electrodes like e70 for MIG or 7018 for stick will maintain the pipe collectively, but the weld will be compromised by the lack of chromium and nickel in the alloy. For that reason a substantial-carbon stainless steel electrode should be utilized to seal the weld joint. 309 welding electrodes provide the accurate composition to make sure that the weld has correct penetration and structural honesty.

Minimize the finish away of the welding cable protruding from the welding suggestion of the MIG welder with the cable cutters. Back once more spool the welding cable to get rid of the cable from the MIG gun and direct. Remove the spool of cable. Spool the MIG welder with the 309 welding cable. Swap the fuel with the 3 component shielding fuel mixture. Prior to attaching the 3 comp1nt shielding fuel, lay the fuel bottle on its part and roll the tank back and forth for two minutes to make sure a thorough mixing of the fuel. Attach the fuel gauges to the 3-comp1nt fuel bottle.

Turn on the welder and established the heat and cable rate. Credited to the quantity of heat necessary to weld stainless black steel pipe, your standard heat for carbon steel will be inadequate. Seem in your welding manual to establish an original analyze for your heat and cable rate. Operate a analyze pass with the welder to make sure that accurate. Minimize two pieces of stainless steel pipe and two pieces of carbon steel pipe 4 inches prolonged to use as analyze pieces. Dent the pipe with the long term marker and the pipe wrap. Minimize the pipe with the strap saw. When slicing the stainless steel, decrease the rate and use slicing fluid to retain the strap saw blade awesome.

Attach the difficult grinding wheel to the grinder. Location a 20-level bevel on finish of the cut analyzes pieces of pipe with the grinder. Hold the grinder at a steady 20 levels to give you an even fill collection. Consider treatment when grinding the stainless black steel pipe. Heat builds swiftly specially on stainless steel pipe. The pipe will get warm sufficient to create melts aside in a make any difference of seconds. Enable a 1/16th weld gap in between the two pieces of pipe. Roll the stainless black steel pipe and place a tack each and every inch close to the whole circumference of the pipe. Ensure that at every tack you maintain the 1/16th inch weld gap. Weld the stainless black steel pipe collectively. Begin the weld on the stainless steel pipe and draw the puddle onto the carbon steel pipe. Roll your MIG gun in a circle to flow the puddle, dropping 1/8th of an inch at every lower stroke to produce a good "roll of dimes" weld. Wrist watches the bottom of the weld to make sure correct penetration.


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