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The Utility of Welded Steel Pipes

The time of issue:2014-4-8 10:14:27       Author:

The common imagination of welded steel pipe is a vacant tube used to transport some kinds of fluid material from place to place. It was in the 1950s when mass steel production commenced in India. The basic Bessemer process has not only made the quantity production possible, but also reduced the cost. Compared to welded steel pipe, earlier steel pipes were not as durable or effective as the new ones. Only few years' usage can make them get rusted. However, after continuous improvement steel pipe has perfected very much in quality so that extend its industrial use. It has widespread utilities due to various kinds of sizes and shapes such as duplex stain-less steel pipes, heat-resistant tubes, Austenitic steels, U-bend tubes, etc. Stainless steel is in high demand for its anti-corrosion feature. No matter what the requirement(diameter, shape like oval, rectangular, round or square)is, welded steel pipes are always the preference.

It is also broadly utilized in constructing industrial structures of all aspects. Iron pipes and tubes have been widely employed in the water supply systems. Whereas welded steel pipe starts to prevail in some places due to its cheaper price as well as the higher elasticity to withstand erosion. Welded steel pipes are usually installed in buildings and manufactures not merely to transfer water, but also to carry other chemicals like gases. It is also favorable to use welded steel pipe to transport liquid garbage generated through the industrial process.

The utility of welded steel pipe is not confined to the industrial production and domestic sewage. Welded steel pipes are also generally employed in infrastructural project, the construction of satellites, etc. Its tensile strength is instrumental for scientists in making space-related researches and experiments. Medical industry is another field where welded steel pipe is in demand. They are often used in some machines and equipments to guarantee that doctors can perform operations with fine facilities. Welded steel pipe can not be easily infected. Material things must be aseptic to restrain and prevent infection. Welded steel pipe can be hard and more appropriate for the fabrication of devices including operation chisels, knifes and tweezers. Another implementation of welded steel pipe is the apparatus used for surgical transplantations.

Hence it is not an overstatement that our life won't be so pleasant without the application of welded steel pipes. Those facilities (the vehicle we use to go to work, the machines and equipments in infrastructure, etc) can be a good demonstration of its popularity. On the whole, welded steel pipe is no doubt a practical material and we are convinced that the extensive application of welded steel pipe can enrich our daily life and improve the living standards.

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