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How to Install Black Steel Pipes

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Black Steel Pipe is employed for water heaters, gas supplies in our homes. It is also applied largely to transfer gas and water. The black steel pipe varies in forms and structures in terms of their usages and applications. But basically, it has a thread on each end and varies from a few inches to several feet in lengths. The thread is tapered which benefits when it is connected to a coupling and decline the leak possibility. To install the black steel pipe, professional tools will be used.

It is fundamental to know how to deal with black steel pipes if you are going to work on your gas line. Always keep in mind to turn the Gas Insulated Switchgear off before you work on the gas line because even the smallest spark can induce an explosion. So take care and make sure that all the preliminary work is completed. If the preparatory work is done, you can start the installation. First measure the entire length of the run of gas pipe. Then cut black steel pipe to length after measurements. Some useful tools will be needed.

Use the pipe vise to hold the pipe on one stand and cut the black steel pipe with a pipe cutter equipped with rotary cutting blades. The suggestion is to protect the pipe cutter with a cutting oil of high quality. As soon as the pipe is cut to length, remove the sharp raw edge which might be presented. It is necessary to thread the black steel pipe and make the appropriate connection. Choose the suitable die according to the size of the black steel pipe. Protect the die with high-quality cutting oil. Upon finished, the thread will be shaped like a taper. The pipe threads can be sharp so being cautious when coping with them. Equip black steel pipe with fittings and connectors and ensure that there is no leak.

It is smart to look around and test the black steel pipe for leaks before hanging hangers and supports as soon as everything is in place. Turn the Gas Insulated Switchgear on and fill soapy water in a water spray bottle. Spray each joint check if there is any need to tighten up the connection further. Use pipe strapping to secure at every joint the black steel pipe. A small leak of black steel pipe used for transferring gas is not permitted and needs instant fix. Fortunately, black steel pipe can bear bad weather so that it can be a durable material with a long working life. There may come some occasions when black steel pipe needs repairing. This usually occurs at fittings and joints which may cause a heavy leak. You can shut the line off and unscrew the damaged pipe with pipe wrenches. If the black steel pipe leaks in the middle part, a reciprocating saw will be a good choice. Use pipe wrenches to remove the leaking section and reinstall the two pipes together later.

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