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To Repair the Steel Pipe in Appropriate Ways

The time of issue:2014-4-4 10:13:51       Author:

For varieties of purposes, the welded steel pipes are used in almost all homes, factories, engineering industries and construction sites. Some of them are used for water, gas, petroleum or other resources transportations, storages and supporting. The steel pipes are under big pressures and maybe temperature all the time, so problems show easily in the circumstance. Repairing the welded steel pipe or replacement is quite in need.

The damage might be a big hole or some crevasses on the welded steel pipe which could cause leaking or even more serious loss; or maybe some cracks made by the rust or other corrosive substance which will bring irretrievable and total destroy on the pipe. Therefore, except for the daily protection of the pipe, great maintenance should be required in a certain period of time. The very first thing you have to do is to remove or cut off the source of the substance contained in the pipe. That an important step that must not be overlooked for you to do before the maintenance.

After draining the welded steel pipe and cut off the supply line, now you can open the section of the welded steel pipe that needs to repair. You have to make the surface of the steel pipe smooth by a fine-toothed flat file or sandpaper. Make sure the outside of the steel pipe clean from rough rust or dirt and grinded properly. Using which type of the tool depends on you. Anyway, the finer the sandpaper is, the better the work would be done. And clean the pipe with soft cloth or cotton.

Fix the welded still pipe with some pincers or clamp, and ensure the damaged part in your operating area. You have to take off the epoxy putty on the damaged pipe and fill in some other remedial epoxy in the leaking part of the pipe according to the specifications of the product. The new epoxy paste must be added some other additives to make up an adhesive mixture. And in order to strengthen the stiffness of the pipe, you can put on two layers of the mixture. You must take consider the amount and proportion of each kind. Then wait the remedy to dry. Finally, you can turn to create a new coat of paint all over the pipe to protect the pipe from the damage of later time.

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