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Few Steps to Restore the Shimmer of the Stainless Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-4-3 10:39:17       Author:

Are you bothered by the gloom of your new stainless steel pipes after few weeks of installation? Though the welded steel pipe won't get rust or some other oxides on the surface, it also may get some dirt, grime or other besmirches on the outside like kind of burnt or charred. That's all because of the untidy environments, attachment and temperature sometimes as well. And the untidy look of the stainless steel pipe is not only poor from decorative aspect, but it will also bring a lot of obstruction and troubles to the performance, quality and even influence the maintenance of the steel pipe. So the regular procedures like cleaning and polishing is necessary.

There are several steps to polish the welded steel pipe. At the beginning, you have to switch off the metal joints and other appending devices with a grinding disc or grinder to complete the work. It will thread the working area into some fine places. Prepare the some tools like steel pipe vise, scrub brush, and other useful tools you have. Then take the part of the pipe down with a professional steel pipe vise, or a regular vise if you don't have professional one. And you will need the pipe vise to help a lot during the procedures of later pipe polishing.

You can use the sandpaper to sand the surface of the welded steel pipe. You have to be very careful to clean the every corner of the steel pipe. Make sure the surface is out of oil or other grease sticking on the pipe. You can look at the number on the back of the sandpaper to identify the fineness of it to choose a proper one to roughly polish the steel pipe. Remove the debris carefully, and you can use some fine brushes or a piece of soft damp cloth to do it. You'd better soak the cloth in a bucket of vinegar and to do some disinfect and sterilize work. Wipe the surface of the steel pipe gently and spray a little bit water on it. In a word, you have to make the pipe clear. Remember to wait the pipe to dry before you doing the work afterwards. You have to make sure every step is quite according to the instructions to avoid further damage to the stainless steel pipe. After the steps, you can restore the shimmer of the stainless steel pipe easily.

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