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Calculate the Weight of Steel Pipe in an Accurate Way

The time of issue:2014-4-2 10:25:48       Author:

No matter in houses or construction sites, you may have to figure out the precise data of all the materials like length, weight and so on. Measure the weight of a welded steel pipe, a common material, could be a hard work especially when the steel pipe is really huge and long. Therefore, you have to find out other ways to avoiding weighing the steel pipe directly on the scales. Some grasp of math will definitely help a lot. Actually there is a mathematical formula you can use right in this matter.

Before you get the actual number of the weight of the welded steel pipe, you have to do some prepare and research work. You need to know the outside and inside diameters of the pipe. You can use a gauging caliper or vernier caliper to do it. And use a ruler or tape to figure out the length of the steel pipe. In this way, you could calculate the wall thickness of the steel pipe. When you do all these jobs, you have to pay close attention in that every little mistake or error will lead to the inaccuracy to the final result. And remember to make the measurements all in the same units of measure.

Other necessary information you have to gather is the density of the welded steel pipe, which is the key to calculate the steel pipe. Some specially made welded steel pipe will have a notice on its body where you could find what you need on it. Or you can search on the Internet of the company which produces the type of the pipe. If you can't find the exact number for your pipe, you can use it.

The rest job is to calculate the real weight of your welded steel pipe. You can use the former information of length and diameters to work out the precise volume of the pipe. First you have to figure out the cross-sectional area by calculating the square of half of the outside diameter minus the square of half of the inside diameter. Then the cross-sectional area times the length of the pipe then you can get the volume. The final step is to multiply the volume by the density you get before and you will figure out the weight of the welded steel pipe at last.

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