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Bend a Stainless Steel Pipe in an Easy Way

The time of issue:2014-3-31 11:09:55       Author:

Natural gas and liquids are usually transported to home or some buildings in a set of stainless black steel pipe. And they're also sent to different location in the house. And in some modern house decorations, stainless steel pipes play an irreplaceable role in some aspects. They are of different thickness and flexible to be reformed into some particular shapes. You may think it hard to bend the metal material. It's true to do it barely, while some tools will help you to make it with little efforts.

When you need to bend a piece of black steel pipe into a certain shape or a correct angle, you could use a pipe bender to finish it easily. There are many types of bends for you to choose a proper one. To do so you have to make sure what your purpose is on your stainless steel pipe. Of course the bending method will be according to the angle you need, for example: if you want a 90-degree steel pipe, a rotary draw bend will be a suitable choice for you which will complete the simple bend by driving it of a fixed formation. It's a quick and straight way.

Another useful tool you can operate into bending the black steel pipe is the mandrel bender. If it is required no any deformities and destroy of the project, a mandrel bender to maintain the shape of the steel pipe. It is used to insert into the pipe for the same shape of the interior of the pipe. Mandrels can support the pipe from the inside so that the pipe won't sunken or pimple up and have some damages on it. Then you can shift the mandrel near the bending arch and use a bend to make it into the certain shape that you want. And don't forget to take out the mandrel when the bending work finishes. Generally a machine extractor can help to draw the mandrel out with less efforts.

If you don't have such a complicated equipment or any suitable mandrel, there are some other alternatives can help you to bend the black steel pipe. You can find some available overlapping duct tapes. Put all of them into the pipe. Definitely the more layers you put into the pipe, the higher the capability of supporting the infill will be. Then what you should do is to fill the water into the pipe and don't left any air bubbles in it. This can really withstand quite a lot of pressure. And then you could bend the steel pipe into required angle without much difficult.

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