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Stacking the Steel Pipe in a Right Way to Avoid Safety Issue

The time of issue:2014-3-31 11:08:47       Author:

Black steel pipes are applied in many construction and transportation areas like gas lines, petroleum pipelines, sewer line and water lines and so on. No matter of what use, they are always in a large amount when they're in requirement. And they are also often transported to from one construction site to another. So whether they are piled together for a reposition, or carried by a big cargo, they will all need to stack the black steel pipe in a proper way. It will secure the process of storage and loading.

In order to avoid black steel pipes' falling and injuring other passers-by, correctly stacking them will be an important process with some special techniques. You can try to make the pipe into one binding unit before you loading and transporting them. The round shape of the steel pipe is not stable to stand. So you have to make some change to transform them into one block which is more solid and steady. And in this way, they will also be easily to pick up and shift by a crane to different locations.

When you try to store the black steel pipes, find some pieces of wood on the ground to make the pipes over the ground. For the convenience of pipes lifting, place the wood a quarter end to end. Then put the first pile of the steel pipe on the wood and put them in certain order. It is an easy job for the step. The next layer should pay more attention: put them one by one adequately with almost no outstanding one. The ends are stacked on a same vertical level for the best. Therefore, you'd better not put the pipes of different sizes on the same layer. You can continue to pile the steel pipes on the top until the stack is about five feet high.

If you want to stack the black steel pipes on a cargo for transmission, you have to take more things into consideration. The ratchet straps are what you need to help to fix the round steel pipes. Parallel them and hang the hooks on the cargo to grip one side in the back bed of the track. Then pull the pipes carefully on the truck with the ends even. Make sure the hooks make efforts in hitching them together. During the process, you'd better continuously switching the ratchet until the steel pipes are tied tightly in one bound. It's so crucial that they may fall down from the cargo during the transportation. Definitely certain care should be paid on the stacking of the black steel pipe.

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