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Paint Carbon Steel Pipe in an Efficient Way

The time of issue:2014-3-28 10:25:53       Author:

Made up by proportional iron and carbon alloy, carbon steel pipes possess great flexibility and can be bent easily into various shapes to meet the various requirements. And its tactile strength won't be decreased or extremely influenced by the formations. This great advantage makes it used in various industries like railing, ventilate, gas and petroleum transportations as well as houses decorations. As important in all kinds of manufactures, the black steel pipe, like all other steel products, has to be protected from the rust since they may be used in a wet condition. In order to get rid of the rust after exposure to moisture, you can keep the completeness and long-term practicability by paint an exterior coat of paint on the outside of black steel pipe. This is the most useful way to preserve the carbon steel pipe from the harmful corrosion and rust caused by oxidation.

With some sufficient preparation, you can successfully make the paint stick to the wall of the black steel pipe tightly. While in the process, to mix the two layers of paint in a compatible way is extremely crucial. You can adopt some special techniques which can even make the rusty pipes covered with full paints.

Needless to say, you have to refer to the specialized introductions of the black steel pipe to pick the paint recommended. Then you need to use some pieces of soft cloth or wool wipe the pipes carefully to remove all the debris, dust and greases on the surface. You can also use some reagents particularly made for carbon steel or a solvent-based cleaner to smooth the wall. You must concentrate on every corner of the pipe to make sure there is absolutely no fragments on it. To reach the level, some fine brushes are also available.

After that, you have to paint some zinc phosphate paint primer on the surface of the black steel pipes as the first coat of paint. It makes it possible to avoid the final paint contact the pipe. It will ensure the long period of the usage of the paint. Then wait the first primer to dry. It's time for final coat to be painted on the pipe. You'd better use a brush or spray to finish the work. Still, you have to make sure to cover the final paint entirely on the steel pipe. If not, the rust will avail itself of the opportunity to get on the pipe.

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