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The Measurement of Various Parameters of the Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-3-27 10:09:18       Author:

Steel pipe can be used everywhere both at home and in some construction sites or industries. There are literally various kinds of steel pipes with different types and sizes. When you want to change the black steel pipe or repair it, you have to know the exact size of the pipe. So what is the measurement of a steel pipe? Well, not only you have to make sure the length of the pipe you need, but also the diameter and the thickness of the steel pipe. Actually the size of the pipe is not exactly the size it actually measures. All these elements have to be carefully measured and recorded.

You may say that measuring no matter the length and the thickness of the black steel pipe is just a fairly simple work. It just needs to do some easy process like using a tape to calculate the length. Virtually it's a little bit more complicated than it looks. Of course there are some basic knowledge of math required and what you have to measure is not just the length of the pipe. First do some preparing work: the calipers of the micrometer and a ruler or a tape.

Take the calipers around the black steel pipe and stick the micrometer screw in the hole of the pipe. When the device gently touches the wall of the pipe, you have to stop. You should be careful about the switch on it. Your action could cause the inaccuracy of the measurement. Look at the pointer of the micrometer and register the exact number it shows. In this way to measure the inside diameter of the steel pipe, what you have pay attention is to make sure the two point of the caliper reaching the most distant end.

And the outside wall of the black steel pipe is also somehow hard to calculate. Still, you have to ensure to measure the whole length of the exterior diameter from the top to the bottom. Sometimes it's hard to know the inside diameter of the pipe because you may not be able to cut off a part of the steel pipe. At this time, you can do some estimation according to the size of the outside diameter. There is also possibility that you don't have a great tool to measure the diameter directly. Right now, the mathematics technique will help a lot. You can find a piece of rope or paper that long enough to cover the pipe. And then mark down the length of the rope which is actually equal to the perimeter of the pipe. Right now you can divide the perimeter by pi to figure out the real outside diameter in a proper way.

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