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How to Connect Steel Pipe & PVC

The time of issue:2014-3-26 10:26:43       Author:

The following will answer the question how to connect steel pipe & PVC for you. PVC pipe and API steel pipe connections transition is an economical way to solve the existing pipeline structure. Old metal pipe can be replaced with new PVC. By following a few basic procedures, you can quickly connect and PVC pipe and do it yourself to save some cash.

Remove the old pipe with a pipe wrench back to the point you want to make the transition of the new PVC pipe is. Old pipe may corrode in some places; you may need to remove the old API steel pipe back there seems to be in good condition. Use a wire brush to thoroughly clean the API steel pipe threads where you'll screw up - slide with external thread adapter. You will want to clean the thread tight fit, reducing the chance of leaks. In the male screw and the female threaded outer tube connectors, such as internal threads on the adapter. Threaded adapter will not slide with the end fitting and smoothing of the sliding female screw which is inserted in a PVC pipe to stick to the other end of the transition point.

Open Teflon thread sealant and liberal use of external threads coated steel white compound. The thread sealant will help block any bad threads, and would like glue in the connection. Do not worry too much sealant application, because you can always tighten when the adapter fittings from excess cleaning Teflon. Tighten by hand to the male pipe thread female adapter. Be sure to carefully start the thread, so you do not cross-connect, because not properly aligned to create a thread leak. Decorate ahead with your hands as much as possible.

Use channel lock pliers or a plumber to complete the API steel pipe and tighten vaginal plastic adapter. Carefully read the thread so you do not over tighten and crack the plastic connector adapter. Clean the excess with a rag from PTFE joint sealants. Now, you will be ready to begin installing the new PVC pipe. Clean PVC pipe that will fit into the female end of the slide with the adapter and PVC cleaner. Let the ends clean and dry, and then apply a generous coat of glue PVC pipe. PVC tube into the slip joint, the glue is still wet, and holds for a few seconds, and the glue is set. Continue with the installation of PVC pipe to complete the new installation. May you have a clear knowledge about how to connect steel pipe &PVC.

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