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How to Stack API Steel Pipe?

The time of issue:2014-3-26 10:24:43       Author:

API steel pipe stacking and storage on site, not only presents a logistical problem, but a security issue as well. Unless you correct the stack pipe with strapping and wood splitters, fell wounded man in the pipeline opportunities are enormous. Stacking correct pipeline will also help you when you can save in the pipeline transported to a different location site. Through the pipe into the “one unit" you transform into a round pipe, can be easily picked up and moved with a forklift or other lifting machinery a solid block.

The 4 × 4 block of wood down, you have to stack API steel pipe. The 4 × 4 block will help keep the pipes from the ground, making it easier to be picked up by a forklift or other lifting machinery. Four-wheel- fourth the length of the tube is placed from each end. Four-wheel pipe lay your first layer. Ensure uniform at both ends, not to stack more than six feet in width, or you may encounter difficulties, lifting and moving the pile.

2x4s disposed on top of the first layer so that they stand on its end of 2 inches. Place on the ends of the plate a few feet from the tube. If you have a long pipe, you will need to place more boards to fully support the next level. A good rule of thumb to remember is that you should not leave more than 6 feet of piping is not supported. A circuit board disposed in the conduit layer. Even with the end portion of the underlying layer to maintain and set the same amount of tube due to the decrease in the layer below. Imagine you are building blocks to make a tube. Never stack a bunch of different sizes in the same API steel pipe.

2x4s placed between layers and stack API steel pipe continues until the stack is about 5 feet tall. Strap stack, making it one unit. Metal baler through your pipes under and over it, and use your tensioning and sealing machine, connect the two ends of the belt as tight as you can. See your strapping tensioner and sealants to properly do this description. Tying the ends of the pipe (near 2x4s), and no more than 6 feet in accordance with the rules of the pipeline should be left thumb does not support (or unstrapped). When you are finished you will have a stack of pipes held together by a single unit. It does not collapse; it will be easy to move.

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