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Market Forecast of Welded Steel Pipe in March

The time of issue:2014-3-24 11:10:41       Author:

The welded steel pipe market was not good as most companies expected in the first week after the Spring Festival. The price of the welded steel pipe in some regions even fell slightly. However, the price began to rebound after the Lantern Festival. Hence, the operators are still looking forward to the welded steel pipe market forecast in March. According to the feedback of some steel pipe operators, the trading volume and the price of the welded steel pipe have improved during the first week after the Lantern Festival. The price of the steel pipe in some areas fell slightly in the first week after the Spring Festival and the trading volume was small. Nevertheless, the market started to change after the Lantern Festival. According to the welded steel pipe market forecast, the market became active gradually compared with the phenomenon of the last week. The trading volume became greater while the trading price grew higher. The stability of the business mentality became a characteristic of the welded steel pipe. For instance, the price generally rose about 20-50 Yuan/ton in Tianjin and Tangshan. The price of 4-inch GB steel pipe is about 3320-3330 Yuan/ton while the price of 4-inch *3.75 steel pipe is 3390 Yuan/ton, increasing about 50 Yuan/ton.

The demand for the welded steel pipe becomes greater with the starting of several new projects and the resumption of the construction work after the holidays according to the feedback of the salesmen in the forefront of the market. The amount of the factory stock increased slowly after the festivals. Hence, the trading price began to increase immediately. Thus, the market of the welded steel pipe became active synchronously. In March, the market of welded steel pipe is expected to be more active gradually according to the businessman and the anticipants after the analysis of the market. The price will increase along with the growing of the demand.

The urban infrastructure construction projects will start in March with the growing of temperature in Northern area in China. Meanwhile, the suspended construction projects due to the coldness are also expected to resume in this month. Hence, these two major reasons will lead to the increase in demand of welded steel pipe, which is an inherent power that supports the increase in price. The infrastructure and other construction projects are in great demand for the welded steel pipes according to the insiders. The demand of the welded steel pipe will grow significantly with the rapid development of domestic construction industry. In addition, the acceleration of the construction in water conservancy and electric power will boost the demand for welded steel pipe as well.

Before the spring festival, many traders aimed to digest the stock with the shortage of funds. Although several new welded steel pipe resources were brought to the market during the festival in some areas, the amount is not large enough and the market sale pressure is not great. If the demand is gradually released in the downstream end, the midrange demand will subsequently release in the market. As a result, the market of welded steel pipe in March will run smoothly and become active gradually. In conclusion, as a saying goes “silver March, gold April”, the operators predict that the improvement of the welded steel pipe market forecast will be great.

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