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Choose a Better Black Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-3-21 10:52:07       Author:

Black steel pipe play an important role in the steel pipe industry in our nation, but do you know how to choose black steel pipe? Black steel, generally we would prefer to call carbon steel, which can directly tell its ingredient, mainly refers to iron that consist of no more than 2.11% carbon, measured by mass fraction. In addition to carbon, black steel also consists of slight silicon, Manganese and phosphorus. Generally, the more carbon the black steel includes, the harder and stronger the blank steel may be. But the plasticity of the steel would be worse. Most of the time, manganese and silicon are benefit for the steel. Rather, phosphorus is detrimental.

Manganese content is about 0.75%-0.80%. Manganese can get rid of FeO to lower the frangibility of the black steel. Besides, it can also reduce content. The silicon content is about 0.10%-0.40%. It effects similarly to manganese, reducing FeO content to lower the frangibility of the black steel. Phosphorus may improve the frangibility. Sculpture may cause hot shortness, while phosphorus may cause cold shortness. By learning the main ingredient of black steel pipe, we could easily find that advantages and disadvantages of black steel pipe in order to choose black stel pipe, nevertheless, black steel pipe can still be divided into two main types by the manufactory technique. One type is hot rolling, and the other is cold rolling. The preparing method of black steel pipe is not complex. The raw materials are round billets. These raw materials have to be cut into suitable size, which is about a meter length. Then they would be heated by the smelter. The heating temperature is about 1200℃. Most of the times, the fuel is hydrogen or acetylene. During this process, temperature control is the key problem. When the billets come out from the smelter, they would be bored by press piercing mill. Generally, the press piercing mell might be type piecers. This kind of piecers is effective in producing. And quality can be guaranteed. Besides, it suits for many types of steel. After piercing, the round pipe billets would be transported to three roll cross rolling. Then they have to be sized by sizing mill. The sizing mill get into the billets with high speed rotating bone bit. After sized, the primary black steel pipes would be sent to cooling tower. And then they would be straightening. What is more, the black steel pipes still have to check with a serious of quality checking. As black steel pipes are very important in the native steel pipe inducing and according to incomplete statistic, there are more or less 240 companies devoting to black steel pipe production capacity is about 4.5 million tons.

If you want to buy the black steel pipe, you can learn some basic knowledge from my article. Hope you can choose black steel pipe.

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