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Brief Introduction of API Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-3-20 10:10:28       Author:

Here we will give you a brief introduction of API steel pipe. API steel pipe belongs to the American Petroleum standard steel pipe. API steel pipe is out of the ground in the oil, gas, water, and transportation to the oil and gas industry enterprises through pipeline. Including seamless and API steel pipe, pipe ends, plain end, threaded end and socket end; their connections to end welding, coupling, socket connections. With the development of technology and pipeline of API steel pipe forming, welding technology advances, the gradual expansion of the pipeline with a pipe range of applications, especially in the large-diameter pipe within the scope of the group from the more obvious advantages. Coupled with the cost factor, the API steel pipes have been in dominant field line pipe, stainless steel seamless line pipe limiting development. 2004 Seamless line pipe production of about 400,000 t, including steel grade X42-70, there are varieties of onshore pipeline and subsea pipeline of API steel pipe.

High score channel of API steel pipe production is presently adopting micro-alloying heat conduct process, stainless steel all-in-one pipe making costs are meaningfully advanced, and with the strengthen grade upsurges, such as steel mark X80 line pipe above restrictions on carbon equivalent. Conformist procedure seamless API steel pipe is problematic to meet user necessities; present-day the 12Cr1moV alloy pipe manufacture plant in order to advance its tube corrosion resistance, low disease, high temperature atmosphere of stable performance and transport out exploration work.

API steel pipe material: L245, L360, A53, J55, N80, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70
API steel pipe specification : ∮ 60-630 × 1.53-40

According to introduction of API steel pipe, it is a hollow section, no seams around the steel. Steel hollow section, extensive use of pipe conveying fluid, such as transport oil, gas, water loop and steel pipe business parts, can improve material utilization, make straightforward the business process, material saving and processing time, such as bearing ring, jack sets, has been widely used in the production of the API steel pipes, and some solid materials, pipes, etc. Steel and solid steel bend than galvanized seamless steel pipe, in the same torsional strength, lighter, is a kind of economic cross section steel, widely used in the manufacture of structural components and mechanical parts, such as drill pipe, auto transmission shaft, bicycle use steel scaffolding framework and construction.

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