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Primary Introduction of Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-3-20 10:10:18       Author:

There are more types of welded steel pipe, which takes the place of seamless steel pipes in more and more fields due to the low cost and effective production. Here will give you the primary introduction of welded steel pipe.

Welded steel pipe Refers to the steel pipes made by curved steel band or steel plates in round, square and etc shape, and then be welded with weld joints on the surface. The raw materials are steel plate or steel band. Separated with different types of welding technique, welded steel pipes can be divided into arc-welded steel pipes, high frequency or low frequency resistance weld pipes, gas-welded steel pipes, bundy pipes and etc. Arc-welded steel pipes are mainly used for oil drilling and machine manufacturing. Rather, continuous welding of pipes can be used for water gas pipeline. Besides, this type of pipes with large size is used for transportation of high-pressure oil and gas. Helical weld pipes would also serve as tubular piles and piets. As it mentions before, we can also separate different types of welded steel pipes by the type of weld joint. There are helical weld pipes and longitudinal welded pipes, two pipes.

As for longitudinal welded pipes, the manufactory technique is kind of simple with low costs and high production efficiency. Due to these factors, the development of longitudinal welded pipes is very fast, while helical weld pipes have better strength than longitudinal welded pipes. The best advantage of pipes is that they can suit for almost all width of steel bands. By using this welding technique, we can produce large size pipes with narrow steel bands. In this way, we can produce various size pipes with steady width of billets. However, compared with longitudinal welded pipes, the length of welded steel pipe develops from 30% to 100%. At the same time, it takes much longer to produce similar size of welded steal pipes. As a result, small size often uses longitudinal welding. While large size often uses this kind of weld. As the development of oil and gas pipes is in high speed, there is great need of welded steal pipes. The 12th five-year plan supports that the totally length of oil and gas pipelines is going to be more than 150 thousand kilometers till 2015, increasing almost 30% than 2010.

So the future of welded steel pipes is very bright. It is estimated that the annual need of SSAW is more than 5 million tons. And the annual need of LSAW is more than 2 million tons. During the 12th five-year, thanks to the advantage of welded steel pipes. There would be more steel pipe markets for welded steel pipes. According to my introduction of Welded steel pipe's use and development, I believe you have known more about it. Sincerely hope it is useful for you.

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