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Two Types and Uses of Stainless Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-3-19 10:45:26       Author:

The following will tell you the stainless steel pipe and welded steel pipe in details.

A, the classification of stainless steel pipe.
1, according to the classification of production methods: (1) the seamless tube, cold drawn tube, (a) according to the process classification, gas shielded welding pipe, arc welding, electric resistance welded pipe (high frequency and low frequency). (b) The weld points - straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded pipe.
2, according to the cross section shape classification: (1) the circular steel tube; (2) rectangular tube.
3, according to the classification of wall thickness, thin-walled steel pipe, thick-walled steel pipe
4, classification: (1) according to the use of civil pipe runs round tubes, rectangular tubes, pipe, generally used to decorate, building, structure, etc.; (2) industry pipe: China now has the world's most advanced stainless steel pipe production technology and the latest and most advanced modern equipment, such as the limit of three roll mandrel MPM units, extrusion tube units, high frequency electric resistance welding tube (HFW/ERW) units and large diameter straight seam (UOE, JCOE), spiral submerged arc welded pipe units (SAWH) and continuous welded pipe unit, etc. Has the world's largest perforation units (2000 mm), three roller rolling pipe units (460 mm), three roll tube units (460 mm), cycle pipe rolling units (720 mm), 36000 tons of vertical pipe extrusion unit, and large diameter straight seam submerged arc welding pipe unit and advanced fine welding line, large diameter spiral steel pipe.

Second, seamless steel pipe, stainless steel seamless steel pipe is a hollow section, no seams of strip steel.
1. Seamless steel tube manufacturing technology and process: smelting ingot > of steel rolling cutting > peel > perforation annealing pickling cold drawn on ash > crop acid > inventory (2) the characteristics of the seamless steel pipe: we are not hard to see from the above process: first, the wall thickness product is thick is more economical and practical.. Three, welding steel pipe, welded steel pipe or welded pipe with steel plate or steel strip after crimp units and dies made of welded steel pipe. 1. Steel > article points of molding dissolves > induction heat treatment > light inside and outside weld treatment > eddy current testing of plastic > diameter > laser caliper acid.
2. The storage characteristics of welded steel pipe, we it is not hard to see from the above process: first, the product is continuous online production, wall thickness is thicker, the unit and dissolves equipment investment, the less it has economical and practical. The thinner wall thickness, the input-output ratio will be reduced; Then determine its advantages and disadvantages of the product process, general high precision welded steel pipe, wall thickness uniformity, high brightness tube appearance (level determines the surface of the steel plate of steel tube surface brightness).

Now much metallurgical equipment can be designed in our country, including manufacture and integration, but why are we still importing? The main reason is that level and stability problems. There is a big problem, namely, "cheap" domestic equipment. Only until we solve this problem, domestic equipment can be towards a higher level.

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