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What is API Steel Pipe

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Vacuum quenching vacuum quenching furnace according to the cooling method is divided into two types of oil quenching and quenching of API steel pipe. According to the location number can be divided into single room and double room, feared chao cycle type furnace. Vacuum quenching technology development is the main of the development of high performance, the single gas cooling quenching furnace. The double chamber furnace can also be used for gas quenching with steel pipe, but the operation of the double location type difficult in the mass production of furnace.

It is also in the work piece deformation caused by the high temperature moving or changing artifacts bearing quenching distortion increase of API steel pipe. In a single location - cooling quenching furnace is after completion of the heat preservation in heating indoor jet cooling of steel pipe. Oil is better than cold air cooled cold speed is fast, and lower than the traditional quenching method of molten salt, isothermal, graded and quenching. Therefore, the mainstream of the development of vacuum quenching technology contains some elements. For example, to improve spray cold chamber pressure continuously to increase traffic, the molecular weight smaller than nitrogen and argon, inert gas helium and hydrogen.

In a vacuum heating surface to the carburizing temperature and heat preservation after purification, activation, bubbled into thin carburizing enriched gas. The precision steel pipe quenching methods after carburizing quenching is the first power with a nitrogen cooling artifacts to point under the following to make the internal phase change. Then stop using gas to open the pump, heating up to Ac1, ~ Accm. Air-cooled or oil cooling of API steel pipe can be used as quenched methods.

After the latter for the austenitizing before moving room, nitrogen filled to atmospheric pressure, into the oil. Vacuum carburizing temperature is higher than ordinary gas carburizing, 920 ~ 1040 ℃ is often used as shown in the infiltration and diffusion can be divided into two stages. Also it can use pulsed ventilation and gas by using this kind of steel pipe, many sections of the ooze an expansion and white, more effective. Because of the high temperature, especially the form speed of the surface clean, active and vacuum carburizing layer is faster than that of ordinary gas. The layer of liquid and solid carburizing is 1mm, just 5 h at 927 ℃, 1033 ℃ and only 1 h. Cold deformation strengthening of the API steel pipe has the vital significance in the practical production. First of all, this is a kind of important means of strengthening material, especially for with heat treatment can't strengthen material, is more important. The cold deformation can strengthen the metal deformation because of one precise part of the steel pipe deformation hardening. And it will lead to the deformation become one part of the continued development of the steel pipe.

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