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Something about API Steel Pipe

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Oil casing is the important equipment in oil drilling, its main equipment include drill pipe, tube and casing, tubing, drill choker, and small diameter puncturing with steel tube and so on. Casing can be divided by usage: catheter and oil casing pipe, the surface casing, technology. After nearly 20 years of efforts, our country oil casing production from scratch, from low to high prices, from low grade of steel to the API steel pipe series of products to the special requirements of the API steel pipe product, from quantity to quality has reached the level of oil casing products abroad. Oil well pipe in China's domestic market share has exceeded 80%, and has been for many years as net export products.

According to the production and marketing of oil casing pipe industry in China in 2013-2017 forecast demand and venture analysis report statistics, in 2011, China's crude oil output reached 204 million tons of API steel pipe series of products, up 0. 32% compared with the same period in 2010; Gas production reached 102.531 billion cubic meters, an increase of 6.9%, a record. Our country is still in the stage of rapid development of urbanization, industrialization, in the next few years oil demand grew by an average of about 4%.

From the point of domestic regional distribution in our country, the demand of the oil casing is no longer concentrated in the eastern region. From the trend of the domestic oil and gas field development, as well as from the initial development eastern oilfield later turned to oilfield development in western Sichuan, Xinjiang, which have pay attention to the trend of offshore oil field, will also be from land to the beach, from shallow to deep development. Oil special pipe is mainly used in oil and gas well drilling and oil and gas transmission. It includes petroleum drill pipe, oil casing, and tubing. Oil drill API steel pipe is mainly used to connect the drill collar and bit and drilling. Oil casing pipe is mostly used in the drilling procedure and after the completion of hole wall support, to safeguard that the drilling process and after conclusion of the normal operation of the oil Shafts. Main pipe will be well at the bottom of the oil and gas transmission to the ground.

Oil casing is the lifeblood of any Wells. Due to the different geological conditions, underground stress state is complex, tension, pressure, bending, torsion stress composite pipe body, which put forward higher requirements about the quality of the casing. Once the casing damage itself for some reason, may lead to the production of good, or even scrapped. According to the strength of the API steel pipe casing itself can be divided into different types of steel, namely J55, K55, songs, hand L80, people secretly collection box, privately T95, P110 Q125, V150, etc. Different conditions, the entire depth of the steel grade, are also different. In the corrosion environment also needs casing itself has corrosion resistance.

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