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Pipes, Do You Know It Well?

The time of issue:2014-3-14 10:38:59       Author:

Stainless steel pipe is a resonating long round steel, mostly is extensively used in petroleum, biochemical, therapeutic, food, light occupational, machinery, gear, industrial pipeline and mechanical structure chunks, etc. In addition, the indirect and torsional strength chapter at the same time, the weight is well-lit, widely used in the building of machinery parts and industrial assemblies. All openings on both end and have a hollow section and its length and cross section Zhou Changzhi larger steel, can be referred to as the welded steel pipe.

Some of them are very are ornamental, such as the Chrysler building in New York. But in many other applications, the role of the stainless steel is not so dramatic, but in the structure and properties of aesthetic plays an important role. For example, because the thickness of the stainless steel than the other same wears ability and indentation resistance of metal materials, so building sidewalks, and large population flow, it is material of choice for designers.

Stainless steel pipe used in construction of new buildings has become a huge successful and many of the contractors are facing a variety of choices when it comes to the brands and prices. It has extended a huge market in consulting and price negotiating. Is a kind of financial cross section steel, stainless steel tube is an significant product of iron and steel industry, which can be extensively used in decorative and industrial life, many people on the market for making stair rail, defensive Windows, railings, fittings, etc. Common are two kinds of material for 201 and 304.

Accounted for about 8% 8% of the total amount of steel a, its application range is very wide in the national economy. For the reason that the strengthen pipe has a resonating subdivision, and thus the most appropriate for liquid, gas, and solid pipeline; Use stainless steel tube structure and components, in the case of the same weight, than the solid part of a larger section modulus. So, Stainless steel pipe itself is a kind of metal to save economic cross section steel, steel efficiency is an important part of, especially in oil exploration, refining and transportation industry demand is bigger, geological drilling, chemical industry, building industry, industrial machinery, aircraft and automobile manufacturing, boiler and bicycle manufacturing, medical equipment, furniture, etc. Also need a lot of all kinds of welded steel pipe.

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