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Do You Know the Welded Steel Pipe?

The time of issue:2014-3-13 10:20:57       Author:

Specifically, "" twelfth five-year" development plan "to 2015 NianShu oil and gas pipelines will exceed the total length of 150000 kilometers, which is 90% higher than in 2010.Forward-looking information industry institute of welded steel pipe industry research group studies the new pipeline to the 12th five-year plan in the next four years. In the oil and gas pipelines in our country, we need about 700-8 million tons welded pipe every year, including about 5 million tons of grade X80 steel, grade X70 steel demand of about 3 million tons; The "twelfth five-year" period of China's oil and gas pipelines in SSAW annual demand will exceed 5 million tons, LSAW years demand in 2 million tons.

During the period of "11th five-year plan", China's oil and gas pipeline construction continued rapid development, especially with the rapid growth of demand for natural gas, natural gas pipeline to become the focus of pipeline construction. By the end of the period of "11th five-year plan", our country accelerate the oil and gas pipe network layout, countrywide backbone of oil and gas pipeline network is preliminary already built, the future of our country will further enhance its capability of oil and gas supply security. According to the production and marketing of Welded steel pipe industry in China, in 2013-2017 the forecast demand and investment analysis report say that total length of the oil and Welded Steel Pipe in our country is about 85000 kilometers, including gas pipeline 45000 km, crude oil pipeline, 22000 km, pipeline 18000 km, formed across things, the north-south, covering the whole country, which will connect overseas oil and gas pipeline network structure.

Our country "the 12th five-year plan outline" clearly put forward that the construction of the crude oil pipeline in phase ii. China and Myanmar oil and gas pipeline segment and the phase ii of the central Asian gas pipeline, contains the west to east gas pipeline build up by three lines, four wire, backbone engineering, and construction of form a complete set of regional and urban pipe network. To the year 2015 Nianshu oil and gas pipelines will exceed the total length of 150000 km, up 90% from 2010, which means that the next four years the Welded steel pipe industry will be equivalent to the sum of the past 50 years, compound annual growth rate of 14% at least, provides opportunities for the oil and gas pipeline enterprise. As efforts continue to increase the investment of oil and Welded Steel Pipe construction in China, proactive network is expected to "twelfth five-year" during oil and gas pipelines in SSAW years demand more than 5 million tons, the demand for LSAW in more than 2 million tons.

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