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How Much Do You Know About Black Steel Pipe?

The time of issue:2014-3-12 10:28:03       Author:

Black steel pipe is made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing the tubular billet made by steel ingot or solid pipe billet on which a hole is punched. Black steel pipe has an important position in the steel industry in our country. According to incomplete statistics, there are about more than 240 enterprises producing black steel pipe existing in China, about 250 sets of black steel pipe unit, an annual output of 450 tons of capacity about 450. In terms of the diameter, it has <φ76 accounts for 35%, < phi 159-650 for 25%. In terms of category, pipe for general use has 1.9 million tons, accounting for 54%; oil pipeline has 760,000 tons, accounting for 5.7%.

Black steel pipe producing process: Black steel pipe's raw material is round billet. Round billet is cut through cutting machine into about one-meter billet, and is transported by the conveyor belt to heating furnace. After being taken out of the furnace, the round billet needs to go through press piercing mill to be punched a hole. Generally, one of the commonest punches is tapered roller puncher, which has high production efficiency, producing high-quality products and can producing large perforated enlarging hole. This kind of machine can also pierce a variety of steel grades. After perforation, the round billet has been rolled, pressed or three-roll skew rolled. After being pressed, the billet needs to take off the tube and decide size. Sizing mill rotates into the billet steel at high speed by taper drill to make punching and forms steel pipe. After being sized, steel pipe is put into the cooling tower and is cooled by water spray. The steel pipe, after cooling, will be straightened. If the steel pipe has internal crack, air bubble, it will be detected. After quality testing, steel pipe will be picked out through rigorous manual pick. The pipe is painted steel pipe quality, number, specification, batch number, etc is called black steel pipe.

Specification: the specification of the black steel pipe is signified as external diameter * wall thickness (mm).

Black steel pipe classification: Line pipe for pipeline. Black steel pipe can be used as line pipes such as water, gas pipe, and seamless tube used in steam pipe, oil pipe, tube for oil and gas lines. Agricultural irrigation water taps with pipe and tube for sprinkler irrigation, etc. The thermal pipe equipment including general boiler pipe, superheated steam black steel pipe, locomotive black steel pipe, great smoky pipe, small-scale pipe, the brick arch, and high-temperature and high pressure boiler black steel pipe, etc. The mechanical industrial pipe. Black steel pipe can be used as automobile axle shaft pipe, axle pipe, automobile tractor pipe, oil cooler pipe of tractor, agricultural machines and rectangular pipes with tubes, transformer pipe etc. Petroleum geology drilling pipe including petroleum drill pipe, oil pipe and hexagonal drill pipe that is used to drill stand, oil tubing, oil casing. Black steel pipe covers a variety of pipes including geological drill pipe.

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