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Versatile and Durable Black Steel Pipe

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Black steel pipe is widely used in a lot of industries as well as residential homes. As a matter of facts, black steel pipe can be installed to transport gas to stoves and water heaters in a household setting and to transfer a variety of gases and liquids in different factories. In general, black steel pipe is sold in pre-cut lengths with a thread on each end according to the customers' applications and needs. Most of the threads are tapered so that they tend to be thinner at the end of the black steel pipe, which helps to seal the joint when the black steel pipe is connected to other facilities and to reduce the possibility of gas or liquid leaks.

In most cases, professional operators and tools are needed in the installation of the piping system in both factories and residential households. What is more, a number of black steel pipe manufacturers offer a wide range of additional services, such as cutting and threading the pipe to meet the lengths in specific applications. Apart from black steel pipe, other steel pipelines are employed all over the world for regional or even cross nation transportation of such things as natural gas, crude oil, water. And they are used to transfer a variety of petrochemical and petroleum products at demanding working conditions over long distances.

Whether it is black steel pipe or some other kind of steel pipes, most steel pipelines are well protected against corrosion thanks to the cutting edge external coating systems. As a matter of fact, a large number of piping coating systems have been tried over the past four decades or so during which they have evolved with the technological innovation of new materials. At present, there are some main costing systems commonly used for black steel pipe: three layer polyethylene, three layer prop polymer, and fusion bonded epoxy, coal tar enamel, asphalt enamel and polyurethane. Black steel pipe line owners and consultants would choose different coating systems on the basis of various factors such as the long-term cost of the coating processes, regional availability of the coating material, transportation and some other technical reasons.

In general, three layer polyethylenes are dominant in the pipe coating industry and account for over half of the coating market share although the region of North America is an exception in this case. What is more, in some East Asian countries like China and India, the sales of the three layer polyethylene black steel pipe are on the increase and this trend is expected to continue in the near future. At the same time, there are an increasing number of black steel pipe projects coated with three layer polyethylene in the Middle East.

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