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What is Welded Steel Pipe and How to Do It?

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Just as its name implies, welded steel pipe are pipes that without seam but welded. There is steel pipe joint on the surface, bend and deform the steel plate into round or square and then weld it into hollow. Welded steel pipe tools play a useful part in carrying water and gas. To make a higher quality, the materials used for pipes are also under selection. Welded steel pipe is such material that can meet the needs. Although it is more expensive than other materials, it is good value for money and you can benefit a lot from it. Steel pipes are famous for its strength and durability; they can resist high pressure external or internal. In the case of high pressure and vibration, steel pipe are especially helpful since their resistance. They can resist rust, corrosion and fire and therefore, apart from carrying liquid and gas, they can also be applied for fire sprinkler system. For flammable gas transportation, welded steel pipes are suitable for it because they are well sealed.

The main uses of welded pipes are to transport water, gas, sewage, heating, steam, but they also have many applications to meet the requirements, you can process them according to your purpose. They can be made into boilers, cars, shipbuilding, doors and windows, furniture, machine, wire conduit, scaffolding, containers and so on. Different types and styles of steel have different welding steel pipe. Some certain steels need special preheating and cooling to make sure that the pipe will not crack when welding or cooling. Welded steel pipe tools are also different according to the variety of steel welding purposed. TIG or MIG are the most employed types, and hand-held propane torch are also used for steel welding. Pipe Cradle is useful for welding; it can help move the pipes into a right position and makes it more accurate. IHPs are used for aligning and adjusting steel pipe and can relieve welder's work.

Generally speaking, the procedures of welding steel pipe are the following: First of all, wearing welding goggles to protect the eyes because bright light when melting will do harm to your eyes. Then heat the end of pipe and use a propane torch to melt the welding rod into the joint and then wait for the steel pipe to cool down. To test the strength of the pipe, you can press the joint.

Welding two different kinds of steel will risk corrosion since chemicals from different type of steel will interact during the welding. But coating the surface of the pipe can offset the corrosion when welding. Welding steel pipe is under the imposition of government and the quality of the pipe must meet the specified standard. Different pipeline application has different regulations; you need to apply the stringent rules to make sure a safe criterion. Some kinds of application have more stringent and the others have less tight standard. The specifications of welded steel pipe need to in accord with the government safety regulation. The common standards focus on physical character of the pipeline and the filler material used in welding, safe welding procedure techniques.

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