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Black Steel Pipe History and Its Application

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Black Steel Pipe and Its Application
Black steel, also called black iron, is a kind of steel without coated. A dark colored oxide scale was formed on the pipe when forging steel pipe. Since black steel is at the mercy of rust and corrosion, it is usually coated with protective layer. Black steel pipe is manufactured from it. Black steel pipe is widely used because it is low maintenance and can prevent from corrosion for quite a long time. Black steel pipe has a long history. William Murdock invented a coal burning lamp system in 1815; he wanted to deliver the coal gas through barrels made from discarded muskets. Few years later, James Russell invented metal tube for transform which is inexpensive and speedy. This metal tube is jointed together by the ends of flat iron pieces in high temperature. And in 1825 “butt-weld” was developed, served as the basis of pipe making. In 1911, John Moon invented a new technology that makes continuous streams of pipe available and many factories adopted this method. Since then, the demand of metal pipes increased.

Black steel pipe is coated but not galvanized. Black steel pipe is of high tenacity and strong strength; it is very popular in transportation especially for water and gas. Since the terrain of rural areas and high pressure during the long haul, black steel pipe is applied to protect wiring, steam and gas. Black steel pipe is also used for gas distribution such as natural gas and propane gas in the city; they can be buried into the wall or under the ground to provide gas for daily use. They are the main gas line for fireplaces and furnaces. Black steel pipes are also used for sewage system nowadays, but before 160s, they were often applied to water transporting. With the advent of PVC pipe, water supply line has been gradually replace by PVC pipe instead of black steel pipe. It can also used in oil field industry for transporting massive amount of oil from remote regions. Because black steel pipes are firm and durable, they are helpful in refining oil. We can know from their applications and the black steel pipe history that the greatest advantage of black steel pipes is their strength. They have better flexibility, ductility than other materials. These abilities count for much because pipes are often under heavy pressure and burden; they need to accommodate stress and temperature variation. In this way, other pipes such as plastic pipe don't have such quality and will break under such occasion.

Black steel pipes are also sliced and thread according to their application. Some sort of collection gear use black cast steel, through the threaded pipe and form interconnection. The proactive layer on the surface of black steel pipe can help to hit back rust. Modern manufacturing need higher efficiency and quality control, to meet different demand and higher expectation, the technology of the pipe is kept increasing. For example, many manufacturers use X-ray gauge manage to make sure thickness uniformity. Machines are used to test the strength of the black steel pipes therefore ensure they can resist high pressure and reduce the change of breaking down.

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