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Black Steel Pipe of Different Properties

The time of issue:2014-2-20 9:01:44       Author:

Inexpensive and versatile, black steel pipe properties are widely used in the construction industry around the world. At the same time, both the production and sales of black steel pipes have witnessed dramatic increase in the past few years. The grades of black steel pipe properties vary in chemical composition and precise control of compositions allows for the manufactures to make products with a number of properties and attributes. In addition, the temperature during the manufacturing process largely determines the chemical composition of black steel pipe.

As a matter of fact, modern manufacturing of black steel pipe has resulted in excellent grain structure and control of the mechanical properties of the pipes. These properties mainly include minimum yield strength, minimum tensile strength, ductility, impact strength, and harness. Some major piping manufacturers are capable of making black steel pipe that has the maximum yield strength up to 80 ksi. The flexibility offers a variety of customers the ability to optimize pressure and structural capabilities. As required, the composite wall thickness of black steel pipe can be increased and the stiffness of pipe system can be increased as well in order to resist the external loads. The most common and cost effective method used to increase the pipe system stiffness is to improve the quality of the backfill material and the level of backfill compaction.

Black steel pipes are traditionally transported to areas not so far from the pipe plants. However, for cross-region destinations, the traditional way no longer works well. Luckily, mobile manufacturing plants for black steel pipes are available in many parts of the world. With the mobile manufacturing plants, different kinds of black steel pipes can be produced. Quenching and tempering have great impact on the hardness of the black steel pipes and yield certain physical qualities. Therefore, different grades of black steel pipes would undergo different types of quenching and tempering in order to change their micro-structure to improve strength or properties.

Generally speaking, black steel pipes may have the following properties: adaptability to different applications such as water and wastewater transmission, pump station and treatment plant piping, circulating water lines for the power industry, penstocks, intakes and outfalls, aerial crossings, aqueducts, and trenchless. When designing a black steel pipe, the main consideration is the pipe's ability to withstand internal pressure. After the wall thickness has been determined on the basis of the internal pressure, operating pressures, and transient pressures. What is more, the wall thickness must be checked to determine the adequacy for resisting external loads and the minimum thickness required for handling. External loads include those due to backfill material and potential vehicles, construction equipment, or railroad cars, and buckling the forces resulting from external pressure.

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