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The History of Seamless Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-2-17 9:19:31       Author:

Technology of producing black steel pipe started from the emerging of bicycle manufacturing industries, the development of oil in the 19th century and the manufacturing of ships, planes and boilers during the period of world war, development of chemical industry as well as transporting of oil and natural gas etc, which all put forward the development of black steel pipe in variety, quantity and quality. Seamless steel pipe has hollow cross-section, which is made of pipes used for transporting fluids, such as oil, natural gas, water and some stolid materials etc. Seamless steel pipe is a kind of economic steel material, which is widely used in making components and mechanical parts, such as rotation axis of automatic, oil drill rod, bicycle frame and steel scaffold in construction sites.

In present days, totally there are about 5100 industries of producing steel pipes in more than 110 countries in which contains 260 or industries of producing oil pipes. In 2000, the number quantity of seamless steel pipes was 41.8 million tons, in which contained 38.21 million's domestic consumption quantity that accounted for 91.4% of total domestic demand. Seamless steel pipe has certain standards. Structural seamless pipe is generally applied into seamless pipes with common structures and mechanical structures. Fluid transporting seamless pipe is used for making all kinds of steam pipe and boiling water pipe etc. High-pressure boiler seamless pipe is used for making high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel with high-pressure or more. Fertilizer equipment high –pressure is suitable for carbon structural steel and alloy steel with work temperature-40~400℃pressure10~30Ma. Oil cracking pipe is suitable for furnace pipe in the oil refinery, thermal transformer and pipe seamless pipe.

Generally speaking, production techniques of seamless steel pipe have two kinds: cold rolling and hot rolling, the former is more complicated than the former. Seamless steel pipe should make sure its intensity. Form the angle of appearance, cold rolling seamless steel pipe is shorter than hot rolling one, and the hot rolling one is thicker than cold rolling one, thicker seamless steel pipe looks brighter.

No matter in the markets of home or abroad, seamless steel pipe (including oil specialized pipe) excessively supplied. So, form now on, the focus should be fully develop higher-intensity, higher property in resisting corrosion oil pipes and high-pressure spoiler pipes. That is the content that optimized the structure of products aiming at domestic steel and iron markets, and also is the key to improve the competitiveness of products at home and abroad, expand the market share. So, increase the competitiveness of steel pipe companies is the key point of long term tasks and successive development after WTO.

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