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How Much Do You Know About Steel Pipe?

The time of issue:2014-2-14 8:59:51       Author:

Steel pipe refers to the steel material that has the opening in the both sides and is longer, whose specification is represented by overall dimension (diameter and length) and thickness, from calligraphy pipe with small diameter to pipe with big diameter. Steel pipe is applied into pipeline, thermal equipment, mechanical industry, container and other special usages. The categories of steel pipe: According to the production ways, it can be classified into seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe; according to section form, it can be classified into circle pipe (used widely) and deformed pipe, there are other forms, such as square, rectangle and semicircle and so on. But, circle has a limit that is the circle steel pipe has weaker bending resistance than square and triangle pipe under the condition of bended plane.

API steel pipe belong to pipeline pipe that is used for extracting oil, gas and water on the ground, and transporting to industrial corporations trough pipeline pipe. With the development of steel panel technology, welded pipe form and welded technology, the range of API steel pipe gradually become wider and wider. In recent years, APT steel pipe accounts for 42% or so in steel pipe industry. And proportion of the welded pipe has always been rising. Materials of both API steel pipe and welded steel pipe are reliable, and their adaptability is strong, especially to the thick wall and the production of alloy steel.

In fact, the welded pipe is the deep processing product of sheet. Though they have the similar prices, API steel pipe's market competitiveness has improved a lot due to its reliability. Because there has been continual improvement on the quality of steel plate and the technology of welded pipe, some equipment parts of API pipes start to take up the market, but it is also possible to be substituted by welded steel pipe due to the limited market.

API steel pipe can be welded to be round, square or aliens, whose welding technology is simple. People can choose steel pipe, which depends on the sizing rolling after welding. We can make sure that API steel pipe plays an important role and has value in actual use by means of appropriate production and processing technologies.

The quality and variety of the production unit level, to some extent, will have a limit in the smelting and continuous casting except the technology level of mill itself. Most of international API companies are complete and professional steel pipe or tube companies that are integrated iron and steel enterprises. It is so difficult for those that rely on outsourcing manufacturing API pipe billet to have a standing in the market with fierce competition.

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