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The Classification of Black Steel Pipe

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Firstly, according to production methods. Black steel pipe can be divided into seamless steel tube and the seam steel pipe. Seamless steel tupe contains hot-rolled seamless steel tube, cold drawn tube, precision steel tube, thermal expansion tube, pipe extrusion and cold spinning and so on. .Seamless steel tube made of quality carbon steel or alloy steel hot rolling and cold rolling. The welded black steel pipe contain straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe. Welded black steel pipe is made into tubular steel to seam or a spiral seam welded together. On the manufacturing method, it is divided into low pressure fluid conveying in welded steel pipe, spiral seam welded steel pipe, straight welded steel pipe, welded pipe and so on. Seamless steel tube can be used in various industries of liquid pressure pipe and gas pipelines, etc. Welded pipe can be used for water pipe, gas pipes, heating pipes, electrical pipes and so on.

Black steel pipe is composed of carbon pipe and alloy pipe, stainless steel tube and so on according to the pipe material. Carbon tube consists of ordinary carbon steel pipe and tube high quality carbon structure. Alloy tube and can be divided into low alloy tube, the structure of the alloy tube, high alloy pipe, high strength. Bearing tube, heat resistant acid-proof stainless tube, precision alloy, such as the kovar alloy pipe, high temperature alloy and so on.

According to the purpose of black steel pipe, it can be divided into the pipe with pipe, such as water, gas pipe, seamless tube used in steam pipe, oil pipe, tube for oil and gas lines and so on. Agricultural irrigation water tap with pipe and tube for sprinkler irrigation.The thermal pipe equipment, Such as general boiler with boiling water pipe, superheated steam pipe, locomotive boiler with heat pipe, great smoky pipe, high temperature, high pressure boiler tube and so on.

The mechanical industrial pipe and classification of black steel pipe, such as air pipe structure, automobile axle shaft tube, axle tube, automobile tractor structure black steel pipe, oil cooler tube of tractor, agricultural machinery and rectangular tube with square tubes, transformer with pipe and bearing and so on. Tube for chemical industry, such as oil cracking pipe, chemical equipment, heat exchangers and pipe with pipe, stainless acid-resistant, fertilizer with high pressure pipe and tube for the transmission of chemical media of black steel pipe and so on.

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